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Recursia is a boutique designer lifestyle brand offering eye-catching fashion, athleisure wear, bags, accessories, home décor, canvas prints, & bespoke design services. Enjoy browsing by category or by design collection. Check back often as we add more products! Contact us for information regarding custom orders.

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About Recursia Studios

Recursia Studios is a unique multidisciplinary studio specializing in creating deeply-inspired digital art informed by ancient design principles, algorithmic thinking, and modern scientific understanding of the human visual system. Recursia Studios is the source of the bleeding-edge visual designs featured for sale on the clothing, home decor, accessories, gifts, and canvas prints offered in the Recursia marketplace here at https://recursia.design/.

In addition to sourcing the art and designs for our retail brand's marketplace, Recursia Studios offers marketing & licensing services. Further, depending on our present workload, Recursia Studios accepts bespoke commissions. Please contact us for more information regarding commissions. We strive to only produce world-class art and designs and thus can only accept a limited number of bespoke commissions at a time.

Recursia Studios specializes in creating custom digital art guaranteed to turn heads, capture attention, and stir a reaction.

Does your brand or company need custom watermarks? Product backdrops? Incredible designs made out of your logo or name? 

Are you someone who is looking for a one-of-a-kind design made out of a picture of your dog? How about your initials? A sunset? We can create a stunning series of images and products featuring cutting-edge designs based on virtually any image. 

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