The registered logomark of Recursia™ LLC, utilizes a novel class of visual illusion discovered by Recursia's founder and principal artist, Michael W. Karlovich in April 2019 while creating a symbolic logo for the company. The underlying design principles and perceptual effects of the visual illusion are currently being scientifically investigated by the Fox Lab at the NYU Center for Neural Science, under the direction of award-winning neuroscience professor and author, Pascal Wallisch, Ph.D. We will provide free open access to the published results as well as a large collection of related never-before-seen illusions here at Recursia once they are ready to be made available to the public. Stay tuned for a more complete explanation of the illusion. Click here to purchase products featuring the Recursia Logo.

Instructions to perceive the illusion: Fixate your gaze on the "R" at the center of the logo. Most observers perceive "shimmering", "scintillating", spoke-like rays radiating from the center of the logo and extends outward to the outer edge of the logo. These "rays" are a visual illusion produced by the brain.

Our Logo - The "Raycursia"